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Jazzie Affilate marketer & Mentor 


The secrets that have allowed hundreds of everyday people to quit their jobs and live the life of their dreams.


Jazzie has always felt at a loss for what she wanted to do. Everything she had tried, from 9-5 and running her family daycare, it left her feeling unfulfilled, burnt out and still, broke! But she knew one thing, and that was how she DIDN’T want to live her life,  

Those events were the catalysts for her desire and drive for a life of freedom and possibilities.

Since learnings the tools we’re sharing with you inside this masterclass, Jazzie has been able to provide abundantly for her family as a SAHM, find deep fulfilment in the impact she’s creating in other women’s lives and finally feels like she’s found her home within this community and her business.




Ready to...


Be in control of your own income rather than relying on a job that may or may not be secure

Work from anywhere in the world from your phone or laptop

Have leads and sales coming in while you sleep

Leave your 9-5 so you never have to ask for time off or spend your days building someone else’s dreams

Create a true impact with your time and money to help causes that matter most to you

Buy the organic food, invest in sustainable products, have cash in the bank to follow your intuition wherever it may take you in the world

Provide for your family, pay off your debt, and create a legacy income that pays you for life AND can be passed on to future generations




The four pillars to creating a successful online income, regardless of your level of experience, skill, or social media following.

Here is the tried & tested proven
Blueprint To  making an
Income online

Partnering with a high ticket product - Affiliate Marketing


To work smarter rather than harder by earning higher commissions per sale.

To find a product that is both good for you, your bank account and the planet.

To find something stable and from a reputable, established company in an industry that is thriving and solving people's problems.

There is no more need to do everything yourself or constantly trade your time for money.

Imagine being paid thousands of dollars per sale with products that work and convert and you never have to pick up the phone.

Is this a good fit for


This masterclass is
Perfect For You if

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You’re a traditional business owner who desires multiple streams of income and time leverage

cross 1.png

You’re a network marketer wanting to escape the hustle of low ticket and selling to your friends and family

cross 1.png

You're a total newbie to the online space and want to learn how to create a high profit business, without being a slave to your phone

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You're a coach or consultant sick of being on the launch hamster-wheel, forever on sales calls and seeking a more automated business

cross 1.png

You’re a free spirited traveller who wants to work from anywhere and not have to sacrifice comfort for experience

cross 1.png

You’re an impact driven soulpreneur who craves a business model that allows you to create real change in people's lives

cross 1.png

You’re a parent craving the freedom to spend more time together as a family without having to worry about how you’re going to earn an income

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You love to always be working on and improving yourself personally and professionally

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You want to create a life that where you feel fulfilled, inspired, financially independent, empowered and liberated

This masterclass is not
Perfect For You if

cross 1.png

You don’t have 2-3 hours per day that you can dedicate to this

cross 1.png

You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

cross 1.png

You aren’t willing to be coachable and open-minded

cross 1.png

You aren’t willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone in order to grow

cross 1.png

You aren’t willing to invest in yourself, your skillsets, your mindset

cross 1.png

You aren’t willing to become the person you need to be in order to have the results you want

cross 1.png

You don’t see investing as an opportunity but rather as a burden

cross 1.png

You aren’t self-responsible in leading yourself

cross 1.png

You are only looking to make an few extra dollars per month

Ordinary Women, Creating Extraordinary Lives

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